All on 4 and 6

When looking at replacing multiple missing teeth, using dental implants, the all-on 4 and 6 procedures, are worth being considered. Dental implants are placed by surgically implanting an overdenture through either six or four implants. Think of it like having that set of teeth all connected, with only 4 or 6 roots are placed into your jaw.

What makes all on 4 and 6 procedures attractive? Many years ago, the only option to replace numerous teeth at once required each tooth to be implanted separately, causing significant pain and healing time (upwards of 6 months in some cases).

With the all on 4 or 6 procedures, you have fewer surgical implants, and therefore the less healing time needed (usually around three months). Our dentists can also provide you temporary removable dentures while your implants heal.

Because all on 4 and 6 are surgical procedures, patients typically go under general anesthesia while the implants are placed into the jawbone. This is attractive to patients with dental-related anxiety as it provides a way to take advantage of these modern procedures without experiencing any correlated stress.

Why is it important to receive an implant as soon as possible? The jawbone evolves over time and when
you are missing teeth, it changes shape and can wither away. For example, if you are missing your
bottom front teeth, the jawbone no longer has the same pressure if would naturally have from teeth
being there and starts to change. It can cause other teeth to shift and change the way your face looks.

If you are missing a set of teeth, talk to our dental professionals. We can look at your case and figure out
the best course of treatment for you. In some cases, an all on 4 or 6 treatment may be the best option
for you to prevent your jawbone from changing shape. The other bonus to an all on 4 or 6 treatments
are the custom prosthetic teeth you’ll receive. We can color- and shape-match them to your existing
teeth so they look just like they originally did, or even better. Call the experts at Oregon Dental Studio
101 to find out if you’re a candidate for an all on 4 or 6 procedure.