Laser Therapy Cleaning

Traditional teeth cleaning involves a dental professional using metal instruments to scrape and remove
plaque and calcified buildup from the teeth. It takes time, is often uncomfortable (think about the
scraping) and in some cases can cause bleeding and inflammation of the gums. Laser therapy cleaning
completely removes the metal instruments from the process, and as a result, it can also remove the
discomfort, bleeding, and inflamed gums.

Laser therapy cleaning involves using a dental laser to remove the plaque and buildup from problem
areas, but it also provides other benefits. It sterilizes any bacteria in the mouth, as well as deep into
tissue layers, and improves the ability to detect cavities. In short, the dental laser not only cleans and
sterilizes your mouth, but proactively helps prevent any major issues down the road.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like going to the dentist, a laser therapy cleaning may just change the
way you feel. When you come for a laser cleaning, you can have the confidence in knowing you are
receiving a better cleaning than with traditional tools.

The next time you go to book a regular cleaning, consider laser therapy cleaning from Oregon Dental
Studio 101. We believe you are going to be impressed with the results. For more information, or to book
an appointment, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We are eager to answer any questions
you may have.