Dental Crowns

No more dental crown problems?

Don’t live your life with a cracked or otherwise damaged tooth, that’s what metal crowns are for. It’s painful and can be easily treated with a dental implant at Oregon Dental Studio. Different types of dental crowns, also known as caps, are used to completely encapsulate a tooth to prevent further damage or pain from things entering the mouth. A cracked tooth, or a tooth with a large cavity, are some of the more common issues that can be addressed by a dental crown procedure.

What makes a dental crown necessary? When the rigidity of your tooth is compromised, the nerves inside the tooth become vulnerable to outside factors. Ordinarily kept safe by the tooth, when that protection is missing or damaged, if you eat or drink something, you may feel the pain associated with the temperature, or from a piece of the food/beverage getting lodged in an open space.

With something lodged in place, it can either add pressure to the tooth, causing it to put pressure on the nerves, or it can seep through the cavity or crack, contacting the nerve. Either way, it’s painful!

Dental Care

Dental crowns often require two appointments with our dentist. In the initial appointment, we assess the damaged tooth and make an impression of it. In the second, we place the crown on the damaged tooth. The reason it must be done this way is so the crown can be custom fabricated with rigid materials that require the use of heat. These rigid materials prevent it from any further damage and keep the nerves protected. There is an array of materials a crown can be made from, and we can discuss that further in your initial appointment.

If you’ve been thinking about dealing with your cracked or damaged tooth, think no further. Take action
and call the dental professionals at Oregon Dental Studio. We are eager to help you restore your