Esthetic Rehabilitation Oregon

Your smile introduces you to the world and tells others so much about you. With your family and close friends, your healthy, beautiful glow assures them that you care about your health and living well. And even with those that you meet during your daily routines, your smile carries your confidence and assures others that you are genuine.

In your professional life, your colleagues trust your confidence to put them at ease. This may very well be a key factor in helping you to seal that deal, assure your clients they can trust you with their project, or even lends you the confidence you need to lead your company to success.

But most notably of all, a healthy, glowing smile will give you the confidence needed to succeed in the goals you set for yourself.


If you are struggling with a smile that has more character than visual appeal or you feel your smile gives an impression that is different than the one you are working to present to the world, it may be time to consider some esthetic changes for your teeth and gums.

Crooked teeth or those that are shaped differently than the others will stand out from the rest and present a less than esthetically pleasing smile. Whether these issues have plagued you for years or are the result of recent changes in your life, they may give the appearance that you don’t take good care of yourself. This can happen even when you do take very good care of your oral health and your overall health but the cause is beyond your control.


Then there are situations that really are beyond your control, such as an illness or an injury, and the result is can seriously jeopardize your oral health. There are some illnesses that over time can take a toll on the health of the rest of our bodies, including our teeth and gums. Some medications we have to take for the illnesses can also have an adverse effect on our overall and dental health.

Injuries and trauma occur more quickly and often with clear damage that can be linked to the event. Any blow to the face can potentially cause damage to your teeth, gums, and even the bones in your face.